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Edge of the Universe

A little bit inspired by The Beatles, a bit by NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Updates to come.  


A Stroll Through the Garden

Started on the ipad and only recently dug out from the pile. A revisit will be here soon.


Working Title: Dancing Gaia

Tinker, tinker, tinker… Though I am really liking the color palette I’m developing for her. Updates to come.


A Mask Like No Other

Fun idea to toy with; 10/10, will doodle it again.


Life’s Blood

Fun little sketch while getting back in the habit of… art-ing. So what if I made up that last word. WHAEVA, I DO WHAT I WANT!


Working Title: Cosmic Sage

This one I’m still tinkering with. More to come after I find a way to stop being a perfectionist.


Sky Whale

This is still in the works, but its difficult to find the time to bring this piece to a close. Getting the idea down on paper was easy, the right colors for the piece, a tad more difficult.



This little piece is something I did back in my days in college. It started out as an assignment for a design class, but it quickly became one of my favorite piece to work on. So quite a bit of time went into something that […]