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A Mask Like No Other

Fun idea to toy with; 10/10, will doodle it again.


Blind In the Wind

This was one of my favorite pieces to work on for a while. Still is too. I’m debating whether I want to redo this in a more color-fied version, but all in good time. Probably will even stick with using traditional media too, question comes […]


Sky Whale

This is still in the works, but its difficult to find the time to bring this piece to a close. Getting the idea down on paper was easy, the right colors for the piece, a tad more difficult.


Digital Sketchbook

A couple months ago I managed to get my hands on an iPad. Within a week, I loaded it up with a bevy of art related apps. Sketching on a tablet device is by no means an easy task, whether its with a stylus or […]