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Working Title: Lonely Robot

Eventually I will revisit this little guy. Adorable, ain’t he?


The Flaming C

Back when Conan O’Brian left for sunny California and was dumped by NBC, he was quickly swept up by TBS for their own late-night lineup. During a segment with Bruce Timm (top heavy-weight at Warner Bros. Animation and Art Director for numerous DC Comics inspired […]


A Stroll Through the Garden

Started on the ipad and only recently dug out from the pile. A revisit will be here soon.


Working Title: Dancing Gaia

Tinker, tinker, tinker… Though I am really liking the color palette I’m developing for her. Updates to come.


Working Title: Cosmic Sage

This one I’m still tinkering with. More to come after I find a way to stop being a perfectionist.


The Hubris of Ra

This one I initially started working on and off with the iPad. I really enjoyed playing with the idea and seeing what kind of narrative I could portray. But again thanks to time constraints, it has been on the shelf for far too long. I […]


Sky Whale

This is still in the works, but its difficult to find the time to bring this piece to a close. Getting the idea down on paper was easy, the right colors for the piece, a tad more difficult.


Digital Sketchbook

A couple months ago I managed to get my hands on an iPad. Within a week, I loaded it up with a bevy of art related apps. Sketching on a tablet device is by no means an easy task, whether its with a stylus or […]