Working Title: Cosmic Sage


This one I’m still tinkering with. More to come after I find a way to stop being a perfectionist.

Blind In the Wind


This was one of my favorite pieces to work on for a while. Still is too. I’m debating whether I want to redo this in […]

The Hubris of Ra


This one I initially started working on and off with the iPad. I really enjoyed playing with the idea and seeing what kind of narrative […]

Sky Whale


This is still in the works, but its difficult to find the time to bring this piece to a close. Getting the idea down on […]

Digital Sketchbook


A couple months ago I managed to get my hands on an iPad. Within a week, I loaded it up with a bevy of art […]



Lately a few friends of mine have gotten into the cartoon “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic” and asked me to draw up “pony-fied” variations […]

Business Cards

iap portfolio card1 front

  Here’s a couple of the business cards I’ve been handing out for a while now. There are a few others which I have not […]



This little piece is something I did back in my days in college. It started out as an assignment for a design class, but it […]