The Flaming C

Back when Conan O’Brian left for sunny California and was dumped by NBC, he was quickly swept up by TBS for their own late-night lineup. During a segment with Bruce Timm (top heavy-weight at Warner Bros. Animation and Art Director for numerous DC Comics inspired animations under the WB banner), The Flaming C was born. What came next was a shocker to me; Conan announced an art contest involving his new super hero alter ego.

I never submitted these pieces, but I did post then time and again on social media at the time. Here are two cover pages for issue #1 of The Flaming C comic book.

The Flaming C - Variant 1 sketch

The Flaming C - Variant 1 Cleanup

The Flaming C - Variant 2 Sketch/Cleanup

The Flaming C - Variant 2 Final-ish

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